Freelancer DUR

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Freelancer DUR
Freelancer DUR.png
The Freelancer DUR variant specializes in exploration. Sacrificing 25% cargo capacity of the standard Freelancer for an enhanced jump drive, a more advanced scanner, and an expanded fuel tank may seem like a bad call to some, but those who value discovery over profit will find it to be their ship of choice.
Icon manufacturer.png Hersteller [ ? ] Musashi Industrial Starflight Concern
Icon focus.png Fokus I: Erkundung
Icon crew.png Besatzung: 2 Personen
Icon length.png Länge: 34,00 m
Icon height.png Höhe: 8,00 m
Icon width.png Breite: 15,00 m
Icon kg.png Leergewicht: 28.000 kg
Icon loadingweight.png Ladekapazität: 148 Frachteinheiten
Icon engine.png Reaktor (5) Tonnerre-00 (4)
Icon enginename.png Triebwerk (2x TR5) 2x Arc Duo 400
Icon options.png Optionen 1 x Leaper Pro
1 x Long Range Scanner
1 x Expanded Fuel Tank
Steuerdüsen [ ? ]
Icon duese.png Schubdüsen (TR2) 8x XiTech
Icon schild.png Schild (5) Invincible X
Bewaffnung [ ? ]
Icon waffe.png Klasse 3 (2x) S3 - 6x Executioner II (2)
Icon waffe.png Klasse 4 (2x) S5 - 4x FL33 (4)
Icon waffe.png Klasse 5 (1x) S1 - 2x Available (1)

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