Mustang Gamma

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Mustang Gamma
Consolidated Outland Mustang Gamma-Front.jpg
Consolidated Outland’s design and engineering teams have managed to tweak and refine the Mustang into an admirable racer. The end result, the Mustang Gamma, has smooth acceleration, and power on demand thanks to an innovative package featuring three powerful Magma Jet engines for maximum thrust.
Icon manufacturer.png Hersteller [ ? ] Consolidated Outland
Icon crew.png Besatzung: 1 Person
Icon length.png Länge: 18,00 m
Icon height.png Höhe: 5,50 m
Icon width.png Breite: 13,00 m
Icon kg.png Leergewicht: 13.000 kg
Icon loadingweight.png Ladekapazität: 0 Frachteinheiten
Icon engine.png Reaktor (3) OverDrive LR-6 (2)
Icon enginename.png Triebwerk (3x TR2) 3x Magma Jet
Steuerdüsen [ ? ]
Icon duese.png Schubdüsen (TR1) 8x M1-16
Icon schild.png Schild (2) INK-1
Bewaffnung [ ? ]
Icon waffe.png Klasse 1 (2x) S1 - 2x M3A Laser Cannon (1)

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